Staffordshire, 1851

This genealogical CD has almost 900pages of information comprising, under a lucid arrangement of subjects, a General Survey of the County of Stafford, and the Dioces of Lichfield; with seperate Historical, Statistical, and Topographical descriptions of all the Boroughs, Towns, Parishes, Villages, Hamlets, Manors, and Liberties, in the Five Hundreds of the Shire; shewing their extent and population, their Agriculture, Mines and Manufactures; their Markets and Fairs; their Eminent men; the Lords of the Manors and Owners of the Soil and Tithes; the patrons and Incumbents of the Church Livings; the Antiquities, Public Charities and Institutions; the Civil and Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions; the names and Addresses of the Principal Inhabitants; the Mediums of Public Conveyance; the Post Office Regulations; the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry; Magistrates and Public Officers; and a variety of other Commercial, Agricultural and Biographical Information.

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